The people of Equinox Broadcasting


Equinox has been fortunate to hire great local on-air talent including Bill Flynn, who’s famous in the Southern Tier; Stephen Shimer,“Shimes”, CooL106.7’s Morning Show Host; legendary deejays Thunder Reynolds; the very talented Judith Gross; John Lennon’s alter ego Dave Pal; ‘Bulldog’ Bob Smith; Dave Weeks; and ‘Big Wally’. They’re joined by a growing staff of young talent that includes John Fanning, Ray Scott, and Clint Ferro.


Our top-notch sales and office professionals include Tom Shiptenko, Station Manager; Elmira Market Sales Manager Bob Smith; Director of Sales and Events Joyce Knapik; Elmira Sales Manager April Emerson; Business Manager Mina Smallacombe, and Office Manager Jennifer Camp, to name a few.


“Our staff of hard-working, loyal, and talented employees are the backbone of Equinox Broadcasting” says


Owner, President and CEO George Hawras.


George Hawras,


With a BA Degree in Speech-Communications & Radio/Television Broadcasting from Penn State University, George Hawras started as a DJ at WSAN Allentown, PA. He moved to WZZO FM in Allentown as DJ, then rose to Program Director. Within eighteen months WZZO became first in ratings in the market. Taft Broadcasting recognized his intuitive sense of music and business and named George Program Director at WGRQ FM in Buffalo, NY, where he also took the station to the top of the market. Continuing his success as a PD, Taft Broadcasting asked him to program & fix their sister station WYNF Tampa, FL. WQXM Clearwater, FL was next; then onto Philadelphia, PA where he molded WMMR FM into the highest rated Rock station in the country. Metromedia corporate called on him to fix their sister station KMET FM, Los Angeles, CA. A bi-coastal assigned that placed him as PD of both WMMR and KMET for 18 months, traveling between the two every 10 days. KMET was rebuilt it into a West Coast super-rocker, while WMMR held the #1 position in the market for over 5 years.


George pioneered the 'Adult Rock' radio format that combined DJ talent with sophisticated computerized music selection software. Quickly gaining success for the stations he programmed, George seized the opportunity of being in demand and formed a National Radio Programming Consultancy in 1985. Within a few years, and a staff of 5 consultants, his firm worked with radio stations in over 100 markets nationwide, including Buffalo, Detroit, Dallas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Miami, Orlando, Salt Lake City, Atlantic City, Providence RI, Harrisburg PA, Portland OR, Scranton/Wilkes Barre, Poughkeepsie NY - to name a few. George gained national recognition and became known as 'Mr. Radio' by those in the Radio Broadcast industry.


"After careful consideration of several cities, Binghamton, NY offered the right combination of opportunities" says George. "A high priority was a family friendly place to raise our kids while growing the business."  The opportunity was an FCC Construction Permit in Conklin NY to operate a radio station at 100.5 FM, which became WCDW FM in 1995 after George built it from the ground up and put it on the air.


Today, George still guides Equinox Broadcasting on a daily basis as President and CEO, and remains the driving force behind the technological and business growth of the company. Barbara Hawras is VP and Marketing Director at Equinox.


"I've made tens of millions of dollars for dozens of corporations during my career. After 25+ years of flying weekly, working and living in just about every part of this great country, I wanted to spend time with my wife, see my kids grow up, and use my talents to build my own radio organization that I can enjoy working daily, and the Southern Tier has proved to be a great place to do business and enjoy life." adds George.

Barbara Hawras,

V.P. / Marketing Director

If multi-colored sidewalk chalk had been around when I was a kid, the Northside of Buffalo, NY would have been a very colorful place. White chalk in hand, each concrete square became a canvas. Indoors, no paper was safe from adornment, including blank pages in books. Those books became buildings and cities on the floor. I was drawn to draw, color, paint, doodle, and build everything I saw or dreamed.


To my astonishment, Mom would tell everyone that I was a great artist. I helped Dad, a technical engineer, interpret his designs into illustrations. My teachers assigned the art they needed for their classrooms to me. I entered in every art contest, volunteered for all art assignments, and was given all the supplies I needed. Heaven!


By my teens, I was armed with awards and a portfolio that included commissioned designs. I attended Pratt Institute for Art, Architecture, and Science in Brooklyn on scholarship, and finished my BFA degree at The State University of New York at Buffalo.


My professional life started as a commercial artist for an advertising agency. My career took me to different agencies in many cities, moving up from Staff Artist, to Art Director, Creative Director, Vice President, and eventually, President of my own agency.


Today, I’m Vice President and Marketing Director for Equinox Broadcasting, the media company my husband George and I began in Binghamton, NY. Besides duties as a corporate officer, I’m responsible for our company’s advertising, marketing, and promotional materials. Aside, I create architectural designs for various projects George and I undertake. My work is computer generated, but I keep active in the fine arts.


I’m extremely grateful to my parents, husband, two wonderful daughters, teachers, friends, and co-workers, for their incredible support that has allowed me a lifetime of art.


Binghamton Office

Tom Shiptenko

Joyce Knapik

Steve Shimer

Ray Scott

Station Manager

Director of Sales and Events

Operations Manager

Promotions Director

Thunder Reynolds

Bill Flynn

Randy Varney

Briana Hawras

Production Director




Jodie Gibson


Elmira / Hornell Office

Bob Smith

April Emerson

David Paltrowitz

Brigitte Baldwin

Station Manager

General Sales Manager

Production Director


Gail Smith

Robert Lee



On Air Personalities


John Fanning

Bill Flynn

Kevin Fitzgerald

Judith Gross

Dave Pal

Thunder Reynolds

Big Wally

Ray Scott


Bob Smith

Dave Weeks

101 Main Street, Johnson City, New York 13790

734 Chemung Street Horseheads, New York 14845

24 Church Street Hornell, New York 14843